Legacy department stores often struggle with ecommerce, while their online counterparts can’t always move offline. When it comes to department stores and online marketplace retailers, digital truly is the divide. But plenty of brands have bridged the gap, which calls for going back to the basics. In this guide, we’ve identified six strategies to help department stores and marketplace retailers deliver a more modern, omnichannel shopping experience.

Download the guide to learn more about:
  • Best practices for mobile messaging
  • Using email to drive store traffic
  • How to go beyond basic recommendations
  • Improving email marketing with triggered messages
  • Best-in-class examples from Sephora, Target, DSW, Amara, JustFab and Saks Fifth Avenue
Topics covered:
  • Brick and click shopping experiences
  • Personalization
  • Mobile messaging
  • Email marketing
  • Predictive marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Dynamic content

Crossing the Digital Divide

6 Best Practices for Department Stores and Digital Marketplace Retailers