The majority of marketers would agree that email has been vital to the health of traditional media properties and digital media properties. But in recent years, publishers and marketers have been so focused on channels like social media and mobile, that advancing the capabilities of email seems almost to have fallen by the wayside.

Amid changing social media algorithms, growing competition and the rise of ad blockers, digital publishers more than ever need to go back to their email marketing programs and identify strategies that will encourage repeat traffic, engender loyalty, and drive profitablility. 

To help, Sailthru's team of digital marketing experts have compiled high-impact strategies and best practices for increasing traffic from email -- and in effect, boosting overall business growth and long-term profitability. 

Download this guide to learn:

  • High-impact strategies that will drive higher email traffic and channel ROI

  • Priority tactics to test and deploy in order to put strategy into action

  • Frameworks to measure and drill-down into your traffic from email 

  • Micro case studies on how brands like Cosmopolitan, The Economist, Vanity Fair and more are more using these tactics for success