When it comes to mobile apps, you reap what you sow. Building an app is not a mobile strategy on its own; brands must pair killer apps with robust messaging strategies in order to breed engagement and long-term loyalty. But when it comes to crafting a mobile app messaging strategy, it's hard to find the best practices you need in one place. 

Sailthru, in partnership with Raizlabs, an expert in mobile app development, created The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Messaging and Engagement as a mobile marketer's one stop shop for high-impact best practices on push notifications, in-app messaging, measurement and more. So whether you're planning for a big app launch or trying to increase engagement with your existing app, this guide is here to help you.  

Download the guide to learn:  
  • Why having an app doesn't equal success 
  • High-impact push notification tactics, both functional and advanced
  • Strategic usage of in-app messages, both fundational and advanced 
  • Best practices for measuring effectiveness of mobile messaging efforts
Topics covered:
  • Importance of mobile app messaging 
  • Mobile app engagement 
  • Push notifications
  • In-app messages
  • Mobile app engagement measurement

The Ultimate Guide to

Mobile App Messaging and Engagement