Email is experiencing a renaissance as online media and digital publishing leaders recognize that it is no longer a standalone channel, rather a part of a complete audience development and retention strategy.

But the Request for Proposal documents used to select email service providers have lagged behind, and are not equipped to evaluate for innovation or continuous advancement.

To help retention-focused publishers modernize the RFP approach, our team of retention marketing experts have identified four core areas where the email RFP must be overhauled, and included the new, modern questions to use in your own RFP.


Download this guide to discover how to find a partner that moves beyond antiquated batch-and-blast methodologies to impact:

  • Audience retention rates

  • Subscription conversion

  • Advertising revenue

  • Effective reporting and predictive analytics

Who should download:

  • Online Media and Digital Publishing Executives

  • Directors of Audience Development, CRM, and Engagement

  • Email Marketing Managers

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