With more personalization technology vendors to choose from than ever before, marketers may be tempted to simply “add on” personalization tech to their ESP or marketing hub of choice.

But personalization is not something you simply bolt on to your existing messaging strategy. The various technologies in a marketer’s tech stack often aren’t designed to work together, resulting in siloed data and half-baked personalization.

Sailthru developed A Marketer’s Guide to Evaluating Personalization Technology to help marketers from falling into these common traps.

Download the guide to learn more about:
  • User-centric personalization and why it’s always omnichannel
  • The build vs. bolt-on dilemma, and the inherent challenges of each
  • What a connected solution looks like
  • Key considerations for the CEO, CMO and CTO
  • Important questions to ask any personalization vendor

Topics covered:
  • Personalization
  • Marketing technology stacks
  • Email marketing
  • The “build it yourself” approach
  • Best-in-breed solutions
  • Legacy marketing clouds